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Alan Stentiford graduated from Hofstra University with a B.F.A. in the Drama Studies program, in addition to studying musical theatre with Robert Cuccioli and Craig Schulman, and entertainment business with Thomas J. Bellezza. Through his learning to work with teams to bring large shows to the stage, he has procured opportunities to work with regional theaters, and independent TV / Movies.

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Alan Stentiford
EVENT : Alan had a chance to visit an orientation at The Actors Fund. The Actors Fund supports and relief organization for people that work in the entertainment industry. It is a goal of Alan's to work with them.
Alan Stentiford
EVENT : Alan had a chance to see Make Believe on Broadway. The show was put together by a fantastic organization that uses performance and imagination to give children with illness and disabilities the escapism and arts education they need and deserve. Some of the best talents and Broadway and beyond performed, including Sierra Boggess, Betsy Wolfe, Lena Hall, Ramin Karimloo, and more!
Alan Stentiford
EVENT : Alan saw Phantom Of The Opera on tour. His beautiful and talented friend, Kaitlyn Davis was utterly magnificent as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera National Tour.
Alan Stentiford
CELEBRATION : Alan plans on dressing up for his nieces this Halloween! They love Disney so he decided to continue the theme from last year and go as Disney characters!
Alan Stentiford
HOLIDAY : Halloween Events: Aside from apple and pumpkin picking, Alan went to the annual Scarecrow festival in Stony Brook!
Alan Stentiford
NEWS : Alan is officially 7 points closer to getting into the Actors Equity Association!
Alan Stentiford
NEWS : The fantastic production of 'The Shape of Things' at the Eagle Theatre, which Alan had a chance to be an understudy in, closed having played to sold out audiences!
Alan Stentiford
EVENT : Sweeney Todd never ends! Alan saw the new production of Sweeney Todd at the Barrow Street Theatre starring a friend, Hugh Panaro! He was brilliant as the demon barber and gave the most human performance of Mr. Todd he has seen. The cast and orchestra were outstanding and it just felt right!
Alan Stentiford
CAST : Alan was cast as the understudy for Adam in The Shape of Things at the fabulous Eagle Theatre! Show information here -> (CLICK) Purchase Tickets
Alan Stentiford
NEWS : Preparing for independent film: Have worked with Jerry Landi before on independent horror films and was honored to be asked to be a part of his next production, 'Batraticus,' in which I will be playing the older scientist's assistant! Anxious to delve back into the world of horror that is home for me.
Alan Stentiford
NEWS : I have officially signed with Bob Blume of Step Forward Entertainment!
Alan Stentiford
NEWS : Food Network is coming to film at Beetle House NYC, where I occasionally perform as Sweeney Todd! Nervous and thrilled to get the opportunity to be filmed in character and ecstatic for this establishment to receive this opportunity.
Alan Stentiford
EVENT : Beamed with pride as friends sang the shit of Maurey Yeston's Titanic score at the special regional theatre, The Broadway Theatre of Pitman. Even though the story was slow (and we know the ending), the talent was abundant and the music sumptuous.
Alan Stentiford
EVENT : My mom is a hero of mine, having been dealing with cancer for 6 years. She is a fighter and perseveres. We had a little scare as she fell down some stairs on her birthday, but thankfully only a little bruised up and we were able to celebrate at dinner with the family. A friend of hers put it beautifully that this is a celebration of life and that was God's way of showing her she's not done yet!
Alan Stentiford
NEWS : Feeling the start of rejuvenation, loving this acupuncture treatment! Excited, having heard so many singers who have seen success with this and looking forward to leaving mucus behind!
Alan Stentiford
EVENT : Celebrate Father's Day with family and my hilarious, smart and very giving father! He can be a martyr, but doesn't that make him the best kind of father there is? One who puts his family entirely before his own needs, which are few. 
Alan Stentiford
NETWORKING EVENT : Went to a fabulous Team Rise Together Networking Event at the beautiful Rooftop Bar in Manhattan.
Alan Stentiford
AUDITIONED : Went out for the role of Raoul understudy in Phantom on Broadway! Ran into a dear friend, actor Michael Padgett.
Alan Stentiford
AUDITIONED : Had a selftape to recreate famous movie lines. Going all out with makeup for each character. Attempting to recreate such visages as Jack Nicholson's grimace in The Shining, Al Pacino's mug in Scarface, the horrifying cold cream nightmare of Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest...
Alan Stentiford
SUPPORTING : Saw the musical City of Angels. Was surprised at how I loved the score and was inspired by the way the production handled the two different worlds, i.e. the real world and the world of the book, City of Angels.
Alan Stentiford
CELEBRATION : I am officially 25 years old! It was special to be able to be with my family and to know that there really is so much love. I saw Jekyll & Hyde at Engeman Theater on Friday. Thrilled at the exceptional production.
Alan Stentiford
AUDITIONED : Auditioning for Raoul understudy in the national tour of The Phantom of the Opera. Interested to get the chance to explore some more of the leading man, ingenue material and looking forward to hopefully running into some friends and familiar faces and to get a crack at auditioning for one of my favorite shows!
Alan Stentiford
AUDITIONED : Preparing for a cool audition; Very aroused for an audition for a new special musical. Can't wait to work on an old favorite piece to take with me and meet new talents working on a very awesome project!
Alan Stentiford
AUDITIONED : Auditioning for Topher in Cinderella. Honored to have an appointment to be seen at this audition.
Alan Stentiford
AUDITIONED : Auditioned for the role of Fagin in Oliver! Even though I knew I was young for the role, I had fun revisiting "The American Dream" to use as an audition song and explore another character I'd love to do one day! It was also great to meet new people in the biz.
Alan Stentiford
AUDITIONED : Auditioned for Anthony in a production of "Sweeney Todd."

Alan Stentiford

Alan Stentiford

Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Vocal: Baritenor
Weight:155 lbs
Height: 5’10”

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• Sweeney Todd
• Miss Saigon
• Sleigh ride... Musical revue!
• The Devil Worshipers
• Jekyll & Hyde
• Cloud 9
• Santiago 73
• Much Ado About Nothing
• Urinetown
• Romeo and Juliet
• The Accursed
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B.F.A. Degree in Acting from Hofstra University
Acting: Jean Dobie Giebel, Ed Elefterion, Peter Sander, Alan Rackham & Richard Omar (NYCDA)
Voice: Lauren Athey-Janka, Craig Schulman, Tammy Hensrud
Musical Theatre: Brett Smock, Ilona Pierce, Craig Schulman, Robert Cuccioli
Speech: Ilona Pierce, Gloria Biegler
Improv: Christopher Dippel
Movement/Stage Combat: Robert Westley, Dale Girard
Business Consulting: Thomas J. Bellezza

Character impressions, Makeup, Dialects, NY Driver’s License, Piano, Malleable Face, Drawing, 1/4 Puerto Rican, 1/4 Chinese